• 资格类型: 大师
  • 地点: 伦敦富勒姆
  • bwin娱乐长度: 1年
  • 学习模式: 全职
  • 开始日期: 2024年9月


我们一年制的编剧硕士学位非常适合这些人, 谁希望在行业环境中进行编剧培训, 在研究生阶段交付. It is an ideal option for aspiring creative writers that not only wish to hone their screenwriting skills but also find a destination for their scripts on the big or small screen.  

This course provides you with the resources to prepare for a career in screenwriting with tailored, purposeful guidance 和 training which will develop your writing craft for film 和 television. 除了专门针对流派的讲座和研讨会, 故事, 世界构建, 字符, 情节和对话, you will receive mentorship from scriptwriting professionals to develop feature 和 television projects. 我们所有的导师和演讲嘉宾都是专业的编剧, 代理商或制作方, 你将会接触到这个行业的现实, 让你更好地理解你可以走的道路.

“最好的高强度bwin娱乐学院. 优秀的老师是来自行业的专业人士,他们会给你上实用的课. 他们奖励努力工作,并在bwin娱乐结束后继续帮助人们. 能成为他们的学生,我无比感激和自豪。”    爱丽丝罗索,获奖编剧和LFA编剧文凭毕业生 


  • 密集和深入的实践培训的工艺编剧 
  • Development of a substantial writing portfolio - feature film script 和 television script 和 bible
  • 培训不断发展的讲故事平台
  • 与专业导演和演员一起编写剧本
  • 直接进入行业,参加英国领先的bwin体育苹果下载iOS节
  • 投球技术和其他重要软技能的发展
  • 通过练习bwin体育苹果下载iOS进行培训和指导 & 电视行业导师和演讲嘉宾
  • 大师班与Q&和杰出的bwin体育苹果下载iOS制作人一样
  • 先进的批判性思维,告知你的编剧实践
  • 优秀的导师与学生比例
  • 最终草案许可证或同等学历 
  • 关注未来的编剧事业和就业能力 


We're looking for creative individuals who can demonstrate a strong instinct for the grammar of visual 故事telling, 同时也表现出对编剧这一职业的热情. 你必须有自我激励的能力, thrive in a collaborative environment 和 be willing to challenge your perceptions of the l和scape of film.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

LFA是一所注册的高等教育机构 学生事务处(OfS) 在他们的 注册,这意味着我们符合OfS的要求 学术标准、bwin娱乐质量、学生支持、  学生保护. 

bwin娱乐由德比大学认证. As a partner student you will be granted access to the University’s online learning environment ‘德比大学 Online (UDo)’ where you will be able to access programme resources related to your programme, 大学图书馆和你的成绩.


我们的精神是在实践中学习 我们将帮助您开发多个项目,以建立您的投资组合, plan a career path 和 further your underst和ing of the industry at an advanced level.  

The research focus of this practical master’s centres around your individual career progression 和 will equip you with the skills to employ critical thinking 和 how it influences your writing, as well as the ability to confidently engage in debate around the l和scape of film. You will be challenged to further your theoretical underst和ing of the craft of screenwriting 和 be asked to contextualise it through practice. By doing so you will cultivate new research 和 development skills that will enable you to create scripts with depth, 解决问题, 在你的职业生涯中对你很重要的想法和既定的结构. 我们为我们的开创性方法感到自豪 our mission is to produce world class screenwriters who have compelling stories to tell.  


Students learn how to research 和 prepare for feature projects by writing treatments, 对照表, 节拍表和逐场分析. 这些材料构成了写作过程的基础, as well as a selling tool when pitching to film 和 TV industry companies after graduation. The development 和 individual feedback sessions integral to the module are overseen by a range of screenwriters working in the feature film industry.  在单元一结束时,参与者将完成一份 剧情长度脚本 (90页).


Students produce a TV Bible for an original series in addition to writing 和 developing an accompanying TV episode script. 行业主导的讨论由在职作家发起, producers 和 directors will offer insight on a variety of television formats 和 genres. You will undertake detailed academic 和 industry-led workshops 和 research in order to help you realise 和 reflect on your own work in the context of the wider cultural 和 academic l和scape 和 be given one-to-one tutorials to discuss the merits 和 challenges of proposed ideas. Pitching sessions will serve as a rehearsal for the actual industry pitching panel that you will encounter in the later stages of the course where you will get the opportunity to have your writing workshopped with professional actors 和 pitch your ideas to a panel of film 和 TV industry professionals 和 receive feedback to help hone your ideas. 

“这正是我为自己的编剧生涯奠定基础所需要的. The lectures are very informative 和 small classes allow them to be very interactive"

Samy Souissi,编剧和LFA编剧文凭毕业生


The final module has a professional focus with students' prioritising next steps 和 employability. It also enables students to contextualise their creations within the relevant critical framework 和 adhere to sound ethical principles. Students will design 和 undertake a personal research project (a negotiated dissertation), 符合他们的职业抱负. These dissertations can take the form of a written or visual piece 和 can include previous work experience or scripts you have worked on as a form of research.

另外, 我们的硕士学生有机会参加活动, 在bwin娱乐期间放映和bwin体育苹果下载iOS节, 提供了一个获得切实利益的机会, practical experience in a nurturing industry environment 和 gain first-h和 insight on the current industry trends 和 practices. 

bwin娱乐费用 & 资金的细节


存款: 成功的申请者将收到录取通知书. 在接受他们的位置后, 申请人将被要求支付不可退还的4英镑押金,500. The balance of course fees will need to be paid in accordance to the LFA条款 和 条件.

申请费: £50



  • 大学本科或同等学历 
  • 不是毕业生?  我们欢迎具有丰富行业经验的学生申请, 谁能证明自己有能力在研究生阶段学习.


To begin your application process for a place on this course please apply via the 即将到来的bwin娱乐日期 section below.  As soon as we've received your application we’ll send you a confirmation email containing information on the next steps. 如果您似乎没有收到此邮件,请检查您的“垃圾邮件”文件夹. 


  • 完成在线LFA申请  
  • 你的戏剧写作例子:  
    • 一个专题剧本的前20页 
    • 故事片处理10-15页或 
    • 两个短片剧本或 
    • If you have no screenplay material we will except an extract from other creative writing such as: a play, 短篇小说, 小说诗歌 
  • 简历-有bwin体育苹果下载iOS制作的实际经验者优先; 
  • 个人陈述(不超过750字)概述 
    • 你的动机
    • 你的背景和拍bwin体育苹果下载iOS的抱负 
    • 个人研究项目的想法 
    • 为什么这门bwin娱乐,以及LFA作为一个机构,是你的正确选择 
  • 学历证书(仅限学位资格) 
  • 两封推荐信:学术或专业 
  • 护照扫描件 

如果你符合我们的入学要求, we offer an interview where we discuss your writing 和 motivations - we are looking for creative screenwriting ability/potential as evidenced through written material. The interview will help you showcase your underst和ing 和 interest of 故事telling, as well as your awareness of the key elements of the course 和 a clear idea as to how completing the course will help you achieve career ambitions.


在LFA学习,你必须能够用英语进行有效的交流. You will need to provide evidence of your proficiency if English is not your first language. 对于国际学生,我们接受 雅思学术 资格(雅思成绩6分以上.0). 



  • 2024年9月16日至2025年8月22日
    bwin娱乐费用:£ 16,500

    NB. 由于名额有限,我们建议尽早申请.